Eyebrow and Lash Tinting

Even the prettiest eyes can lose their sparkle with lifeless lashes and barely there brows. When other methods simply aren’t enough to get the pop you may be looking for, add pizzazz to your peepers with eyebrow and lash tinting.

For those of us with fine, sparse or pale eye brows, tinting is just the solution to take even the best shaped brows to the next level. Just like other hair coloring treatments, brow tinting changes the pre-existing color and adds the illusion of thickness and dimension.

If your lashes are naturally blond or lifeless, applying lash tinting will create a more dramatic look for the eyes.  This offers an “around the clock” impact different from mascara that must be applied every morning.  With tinted lashes, you awake with a look that gives your eyes a pop and saves time on your daily make-up routine.