Skin Care

It’s no surprise that a radiant glow goes hand in hand with healthy skin.  Today, not only looking good, but feeling good comes with a dependable skin care plan focusing on the basics.  But when you need a boost in your daily regimen, desire the help of an expert, or just simply seek to pamper yourself, SunMyst Tanning Spa has an option to meet your needs.




Our list of services includes personal skin consultations, skin care plans customized to individual needs, a range of rejuvenating facials and full or partial body exfoliations.

Schedule an appointment today with one of our specialists to discuss the needs of your skin and develop a plan today that fits best with your individualized skin care desires.




Jae’s Beauty Bar is what’s on tap at SunMyst Tanning Spa and provides high quality with industry leading services.  Jae Barnes, previously with (experience), offers clients a broad range of the best in today’s ever important skin care revolution.


Specializing in hydrating facials, Full Body Exfoliation and targeted skin treatment therapies, Jae can first engage in private consultations to address a specific need or the overall skin care procedure to uncover individual desires,  the health of the skin according to a client’s current care practices and then provide advice on techniques to improve or maintain a healthy regimen.


This 25 minute service is available through appointment by SunMyst Tanning Spa and can either be scheduled alone or prior to one of our other spa services before determining which is most appropriate for your specific needs.


All services are priced separately, but often available for special pricing offers or combined bridal, bachelorette, birthday and other pamper event packages.






As our most pampering service available for the face, this treatment aims to renew moisture and return skin to a natural suppleness.  Moisture is one of the most important steps in reducing the appearance of aging.  Your face will experience a six step, customized process, including deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, replenishment with a lifting, then firming mask and a replenishing, moisturizing technique that focuses on the eyes, lips, and total facial area.  The hydrating facial is perfect for helping your skin deal with exposure to seasonal elements, from the summer sun to the winter wind and cold, and a great compliment to prepare the skin for the tanning goals you desire while maintaining a healthy appearance until your next session.




The basic principles of ensuring radiant skin are applied to the face to recognize the benefits of a healthy cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing regimen.   Combined with a gentle mask and massage of the face, shoulder and hands, the moderate facial is a great way for your skin to feel refreshed and serves as our routine recommendation for a balanced skin care program.   Allow our experienced technician to prepare a skin consultation customized to meet your wellness needs.




Balancing the demands of time with the importance of cleansing and exfoliation, the express facial combines both with a mini facial massage and hydrates the skin with a moisturizing finish.  This treatment is perfect for the “on the go” individual looking to maintain healthy skin and a busy work/life schedule.


Deep Cleansing


Our manual technique is used to cleanse and revitalize pores, extract blackheads, and purify skin.  The deep cleansing facial will remove dirt, toxins and dead skin cells, promoting production of new skin cells with strong elastin and collagen contents. Your skin will be left feeling fresh, clean and at it’s healthiest with a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s ideal for clients who regularly enjoy the look of our customized airbrush tan and perfect prior to our combined Face and Full Body Exfoliating Treatment.


Exfoliating Treatments

Well exfoliated skin has always been highly recommended prior to our sunless tanning options to ensure better, longer lasting results, now SunMyst Tanning Spa has made achieving it even easier for our clients by offering this service in the same convenient location.